Six Ways to Wear your LBD

I love LBDs like any other girl, but sometimes I feel a little “bleh” in them. I mean, monochrome with a simple cut needs some sprucing up from time to time right? So this post is all about how to spice up that favorite Little Black Dress of yours so that you can make the most out of it for any occasion!

Surprisingly, I didn’t own an LBD until recently when I scored this Banana Republic Peplum dress with discounts on top of one another like no other! It was definitely a great find with it’s perfect length, slim fit, and great details with the v-neck and the peplum! Oh the possibilities!

1. Outerwear + Pop of Color
Whether it’s a blazer, jean jacket, trench coat, cardigan, or utility jacket, throw it on for a different look and occasion! And don’t forget to bring in some color to brighten up the black!

Jacket: DKNY via Crossroads // Necklace: J. Crew // Pumps: J. Crew – Similar

2. Sweater + Booties
Perfect for those crisp fall mornings and cool afternoons while making good use of a dress that you can’t seem to put away.

Sweater: via StitchFix // Booties: Anthropologie – Similar // Necklace: Nepal


3. Peplum + Pumps
This dress already has a peplum flare to it, but I couldn’t help myself to add a fuller flare to the look. Add a statement necklace and some pumps and you’re ready for one glamorous night out!

Peplum: Express – Similar  // Pumps: Crossroads // Necklace: Talbots – Similar


Here are more ideas that couldn’t be photographed because I was getting in the danger zone of becoming one of those teachers with an interesting odor. 😛

4. Scarf + Belt
Let a scarf hang from your neck and secure with a waist belt. It will be like you’re wearing an entirely new dress! (like this)

5. Full Midi-Skirt + Flats
If you have a fitted LBD, mix it up by wearing a full skirt and flats for a more mod look! (like this)

6. Chambray + Sneakers
Dress it down by wearing chambray and tying it in front or just hang it loose and add sneakers. Then just kick back and keep cool! (like this)

**Note: Yes, I wore this dress three days in a row. And did my students notice? Not one bit. 😉 And that’s what I call a one-piece-wonder!

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Fooled You Not + Giveaway Winners

There once was a girl who lucked out in finding a beautiful dress for only $20 thanks to her wonderful fairy shop mother — Crossroads Trading Company. The design was divine, the fabric was elegant, and the girl left the store excited to wear the dress to her next ball. Then a week flew by  with no ball in sight. Then another week flew by and it felt like she would never be able to wear it. Eventually she said “Oh what the heck. I’m going to wear it to work instead!”

And off she went the next morning.

Y14_2217Y14_2223Y14_2225 Y14_2232 Y14_2239


Top/Dress: H&M – Similar // Pants: Gap // Jacket: StitchFix (check out my review post)  // Purse: Abaco Paris // Flats: Anthropologie – Similar // Necklace: Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s – Similar

**Tip: Fold/scrunch/tuck a dress to wear it as a top! Who needs to wait for a special occasion? 🙂 

This particular dress had a slim fitting thin layer underneath with the patterned chiffon layered over and so it was easy to fold the bottom under. When choosing a dress to wear as a top, make sure that the bottom half of the dress is more snug (sort of like a body con dress) so that if you fold it, it can just sit on top of your hips. It’s just an option.

I had quite a few people come up to me today complimenting me on my “shirt”. Little did they know… 😉

Happy Thursday!


Oh and the eShakti giveaway winners are…

Ashley Desire and Denise Gadson! 

Congratulations! I will be emailing you shortly!

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How to: Survive Post-Holiday Blues

Ah, the holidays are over. Right now you are probably experiencing Christmas-withdrawl, food and sugar comas, family overload, smaller bank accounts, and back-to-work anxiety. Just know that you are not alone in your post-holiday blues.

Here are some of my suggestions on how to deal with the transition back to real life:

1. Ease your way in by rewarding yourself every two hours for surviving with leftover Christmas chocolate.

2. Secretly listen to your favorite Christmas carol at least once a day until you are ready to let go.

3. Start walking in the morning for at least 10 minutes, and increase your time every day as you begin to get used to your ligaments moving again.

4. If you are experiencing an extreme case of anxiety, take 5 shots of a peppermint mocha latte. Slowly ween yourself off.

5. Space out your use of your Christmas gifts. Don’t use or wear your gifts all in one week! Spread it out so you can enjoy the excitement of new things longer.

6. It’s okay to leave your Christmas tree up for a little while longer. Just remember, the longer you wait, the harder it will be. I suggest the last day to keep it up should be Jan. 11. Longer than that, and it will probably be a fire hazard, if it isn’t already.Don’t say that I didn’t warn you!

7. Read your favorite blogs (wink wink) to get your mind off your post-holiday blues.

Hopefully that list will help you get through!


Here are some snippets of my vacay!


Half Moon Bay – Coastal Walk behind the Ritz Carlton

20140102-150203.jpgGot to spend a week with this cutie pie!


The grandchildren. Yes, we are extremely mature.

20140102-145742.jpgSome mansion near Caroline Park – Redlands, CA

20140102-145754.jpgAwesome palm tree we found

20140102-145804.jpgStarting my couple of days in Santa Barbara with Backyard Bowls of course!

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Just Throw it On








Coat: Anthropologie – Similar // Blouse: Anthropologie – Similar // Pants: Gap // Shoes: Anthropologie – Similar // Necklace: Anthropologie // Bag: Abaco Paris

Woah, I did not realize that 90% of this outfit was from Anthropologie. I guess you can say that I’m obsessed.

I titled this post “Just Throw it On” because literally I just threw these clothes on. And no, I’m not kidding. When you’re in a rush because you stayed up late catching up on Revenge and couldn’t wake up in the morning, you need some go-to items that will get you out the door looking like you put some thought into it. It’s like what they say in the teaching credential program: Fake it, until you make it.

Make sure you have these items handy just in case you’re running late for work:

1. Black Pants
2. Neutral Colored Blouse
3. Neutral Colored Coat
4. Black Flats
5. Eye Brightener – Smashbox


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The Academy Blazer

Ah, here’s to another blazer.








Blazer: Gap – Similar // Top: Thrifted – Similar // Jeans: Gap // Shoes: Thrifted  // Necklace: Talbots // Watch: Michele // Earrings: Anthropologie – Similar (F21)

Details to look for –> The Academy Blazer

1. The Fit
Especially for women, blazers need to fit well. Make sure the blazer tapers in nicely at the waist so that you still get that hour-glass-esque shape.
2. The Patterned Cuff
Having the extra detailing of a patterned cuff adds an interesting aspect to your outfit. You go from dull and stiff, to stylish and chic!
3. The Pockets
I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have to have pockets! Where else are you going to put the things that you confiscate from students or extra whiteboard marker pens?

*Sorry, the pictures are a little blurry today! 😦

Thrift Shop

Macklemore may be on to something here…Having a nice closet doesn’t mean you have to spend tons of money! During my days as an unemployed student, I picked up a couple of tricks on how to successfully go thrifting.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Sweater: Free People // Top: No Brand // Skirt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Cathy Jean // Belt: DKNY // Pocket Watch: Flea Market

**Everything that I am wearing, from head to toe, was thrifted**
(except for the skirt which was a hand-me-down, which is even better!)

1. Location
Thrift stores get their inventory from the community around them. Hence, if a thrift store is located in a stylish neighborhood, you will tend to find a lot more quality items.
Case and point: I walked into the GoodWill in Santa Barbara and was able to snag an Anthropologie brand dress (100% silk) for a measly $5.

2. Brands
Know the brands that fit your body well, is good quality, and ones that may be big-names. I’m not really a designer type of girl, but I do know good labels when I see them. Use this knowledge to your advantage to snag the best steals.

3. Fabric
Good fabric = good quality = long lasting wardrobe. Go for silk, cotton, wool, linen, cashmere, nice-feeling polyester…Ditch the fabrics that look not up to par.

4. Know your Style and Body Type
Be confident in your style and the shapes that look good on your body. This will save you time and regrets when shopping. If you try something on and you are hesitant, doubtful, or trying to look like the edgy-rocker-total-opposite-of-you-chick next door, DON’T make the purchase. Trust me, no matter how much you like a different style, if it doesn’t match YOU, then it won’t work.

5. Know your Closet
Now, if you’re like me, my eyes tend to draw towards similar things. Before you even try on that shirt that caught your eye, think to yourself “Will this add to my wardrobe, or do I have this style already?” Get things that are unique. Also, it is good to know what is in your closet so that you can mix n’ match! Don’t be that girl who found this awesome, unique, great quality shirt, but then comes home to find out that she has nothing to go with it. You end up spending more money and time. Just DON’T.

6. Patience
When you walk into a thrift store, be prepared for spending time to dig through the barrel for some buried treasure. I suggest to go thrifting when you’re in the mood for it.

BTW, if you ever need a thrifting buddy, you know who to call. 🙂