Just Throw it On








Coat: Anthropologie – Similar // Blouse: Anthropologie – Similar // Pants: Gap // Shoes: Anthropologie – Similar // Necklace: Anthropologie // Bag: Abaco Paris

Woah, I did not realize that 90% of this outfit was from Anthropologie. I guess you can say that I’m obsessed.

I titled this post “Just Throw it On” because literally I just threw these clothes on. And no, I’m not kidding. When you’re in a rush because you stayed up late catching up on Revenge and couldn’t wake up in the morning, you need some go-to items that will get you out the door looking like you put some thought into it. It’s like what they say in the teaching credential program: Fake it, until you make it.

Make sure you have these items handy just in case you’re running late for work:

1. Black Pants
2. Neutral Colored Blouse
3. Neutral Colored Coat
4. Black Flats
5. Eye Brightener – Smashbox


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