Snake and Shake


Okay, I know the title doesn’t make sense besides the snake part but I just couldn’t help myself. ūüôā

Anyways, my life and schedule has finally winded down with little breathing room to spare. I’ve been jumping from being the VBS director at my church, to a mini Disneyland vacation with the family, and then the church family retreat. Yes it’s been fun, but there have been lots of moving around, so it’s nice to feel a little more settled as the school year is about to begin.


I’m so excited for this new school year! With one year of teaching high school under my belt, I feel a little more prepared for this year and ready and motivated to implement new teaching strategies and ¬†excited to meet my new students. ūüôā


So as the new year begins, here is a new look with a not-so-old gem of a top. This snake print¬†top (only $28!) from Norka¬†has been one of my go-to tops with it’s neutral tone and versatile shape. Last time (“Snake Bite“), I paired it with a fitted skirt and heels for more of a night-out look. Today, I went for a casual day out by layering the tank over this simple black maxi.¬†


**Layering a tank over a maxi is a great way to change it up a bit and get more uses out of your pieces. 165 167 178 184 201Top: Snake Print Top c/o Norka $28 // Dress: Forever 21 РSimilar $15 // Necklace: Anthropologie РSimilar $30 // Purse: Abaco Paris // Sandals: Nine West РSimilar $40


Happy Monday!

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Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 9.42.44 AM

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Trend: Kimono


I’ve always been reserved about trying out the kimono trend, but when I saw this (On sale for only $10.95 now!!!) on Deb Shops, I knew I had to try it out, especially since festival season is here!¬†¬†I usually see kimonos paired with shorts, but seeing that I needed to go to work, shorts were not really an option so I decided to pair it with a maxi dress and tied it in the front for a different look.

My students approved. Do you? ūüėõ




Here are a couple of shots without it tied.





Wearing: Forever 21
My Picks: Forever 21 $11.80 // Old Navy $34

Wearing:  Chiffon Floral Print Kimono c/o Deb Shops

Wearing: Talbots
My Picks: Deb Shops $18  // Urban Outiftters $69

Wearing: Souvenirs from Hawaii and Nepal

Wearing: Thrifted

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Lastly, I know it’s Thursday and I should have a Thrift Style Thursday post, but I’ve been so busy and I haven’t had time to go thrifting. Hopefully, next week!

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Sweet Leather

Thrift Style Thursday // Leather

For some reason, I always imagined the leather jacket (or faux in this case) paired up with pants, or jeans, and maybe even a motorcycle to create a fierce and tough look. But being the super girly girl that I am, I wanted to see if it would work with a super feminine dress to turn the outfit from being fierce and tough to soft and sweet.








Wearing: Anthropologie
My Picks: Old Navy $34.94 $23.97  // Lulu*s $47 // Urban Outfitters $98

Leatherette Jacket 
Wearing: Thrifted from Crossroads
My Picks:  Forever 21 $44.80  // DailyLook $59.99 // Nordstrom $78

Wearing: Anthropologie
My Picks: ¬† ¬†Old Navy $44.94 // Macy’s $75.00 $59.99


I have been debating whether or not to announce this to the world, but one of my New Year’s Resolution is to not by anything new this year (Well, my first checkpoint and goal is to make it till my birthday in April. I have to be realistic right?). I’ve decided to do this because I’ve got a major case of the travel bug, and in order to satisfy this inkling of mine, I need to save as much money as possible. Maybe announcing this will help keep myself accountable. Here’s what I’m doing…

1. Only buying thrifted/used items if necessary.
2. Borrow, borrow, borrow
3. Go through my aunt’s closet for hand-me-downs
4. Accepting merchandise to promote

Want to join me?

Thanks for Patrice, from Looking Fly on a Dime, for the inspiration, and Zhenya for the push to put it on my blog because she’s doing it too! ūüôā


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How to: Cover up your Post-Holiday Food Body

I don’t know about you, but after two weeks of saying “Oh what’s just one more cookie?”, ¬†“It’s the holidays!”, “I’ll work out afterwards.”, or “I’m on vacation!”, I can hardly recognize my tummy. Food baby? Definitely yes.

I woke up this morning regretting everything I ate the past two weeks. I know I made my annual resolution to exercise more, but how do I dress the body that I have now, food baby and all? Well, here are some tips that I compiled on how to hide that post-holiday food body of yours…

1. Wear skinny jeans
I know you probably don’t feel skinny, but skinny jeans (I’m talking about the shape, not the jeans you wear when you feel skinny) will help elongate your legs. Make sure that your pants aren’t too tight around the waist or a muffin top will happen. It also helps if the pants are not a super low riser.

2. Wear heels…
preferably a pointed toe because that helps elongate the legs as well.

3. A loose top
A tunic or blouse that flares out from your stomach will help disguise it until you follow through with your New Year’s resolution of working out at least 4 times a week. But be careful to not get a baggy shirt. There’s a difference (explained in next tip).

4. Still shows off your figure
Please don’t throw a garbage bag over yourself and call it a day. You are still beautiful, despite the couple of pounds you may have gained over break, so why do yourself a disservice? Make sure the clothes you are wearing still shows that you have shape. I suggest wearing something that accentuates your waist (usually the smallest part of your body). Maybe add a belt over a loose dress or shirt or choose a top that tapers in at the waist but is still loose in the stomach area.

5. Add some flare
Accessorize! Sparkle and flare always helps to gravitate the eyes towards that accessory, rather than towards your hips.








Wearing: Anthropologie
My Picks: Humble Chic $98   //  House of Fraser $410 $205
(I tried finding less expensive ones, but had no luck! I’ll let you know if I stumble across a better deal.)

Wearing: Thrifted (I found it for only $20!) РFree People $98
My Picks:  Old Navy $29.94 $27.97   //  Lulu*s $49 $39

Wearing: Gap $69.95
My Picks:  Old Navy $34.94 $29.50 //Madewell $115

Wearing: Talbots
My Picks:  Ecco $75  // Michael Kors $125

Wearing: Anthropologie
My Picks: Forever 21 $8.80 // Urban Outfitters $28

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Christmas Red





Dress: Anthropologie (old)  // Coat: Anthropologie РSimilar  // Shoes: Steve Madden РSimilar

I know this Christmas post is a little late, and you probably already have that perfect red dress….but it’s never too early to think of next year! Also, it’s the perfect time to go shopping for one because of all the after Christmas sales!

I know, I know, there are so many to choose from. Well, you’re in luck! Here are some of my red dress picks depending on your unique style. Are you the Sweetheart? The Hipster? The Hawt Mama? Or the Sophisticate?

ASOS $68.97 $40.84 // ModCloth $69.99  // J.Crew $99

ASOS $39.93 $19.96 // Urban Outfitters $69 // Free People $118

Forever 21 $27.80 //¬†Lulu’s $30 // Express $49

H&M $34.95 // Anthropologie $188 $69.95 // Ralph Lauren $180


Merry Christmas!

And again, thank you for taking the time out of your day (especially during the holidays) to read the nonsense on this blog. ūüėõ


“For to us a child is born,¬†to us a son is given,¬†and the government¬†will be on his shoulders.¬†And he will be called¬† Wonderful Counselor,¬†Mighty God,¬†Everlasting¬†Father,¬†Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6

For the Men: How to Buy Clothes for Women

Alright men, this is for you.

A male reader recently asked me to write a post about how to buy clothes for girls. Man, it’s hard enough to buy clothes for yourself let alone another person….let alone a girl!

Ok, here’s my take on the matter.

Please Don’t
1. Buy bottoms. – It’s really hard to find the right fit, so unless you know how to dress your girl to the T, don’t even try.
2. Bright and Outrageous Patterns/Prints – It’s hard to decide what pattern your girl may like
3. Generic gift sets – Shows no thought whatsoever.

Safe Bets:

Sweaters / Cardigans
You can’t go wrong with the size or shape.

1. Forever 21¬†$22.80 // 2. Lulu’s $63 // 3. Anthropologie $138

Chiffon/Silk  Loose blouses
Easy fit, good fabric, and feminine

1. Forever 21 $13.80 // 2. Old Navy $25  // 3. Ann Taylor $79

Graphic T’s
Comfy, relaxed, and shows creativity!

1. Old Navy $9.97 ¬†// 2. Lulu’s $28 // 3. Free People $68


You don’t necessarily need to give her diamonds…

1. Banana Republic $35 // 2. Anthropologie: $48 // 3. J. Crew $150


I hope this was helpful and that you will feel confident when shopping for that special girl of yours. But please, if you decide to go with my advice despite the THOUSANDS of hints she gave you about the #1 thing on her wish list…don’t blame me.


REMEMBER: If you have a styling question or an idea for a blog post, feel free to click the “Ask a Question” at the top of the page and ask away! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Faux Fur

Happy Thrift Style Thursday! Today’s theme — Faux Fur.








Vest: Thrifted // Shirt: Free People (Thrifted) – Similar // Pants: Gap – Similar // Shoes: J. Crew – Similar // Necklace: LOFT

Now, if you’re out of luck and can’t seem to find a furry treasure at your local thrift store for a mere $10, here are some store-bought options ūüôā

H&M $20 // Forever 21 $47 // Daily Look $80

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The Academy Blazer

Ah, here’s to another blazer.








Blazer: Gap РSimilar // Top: Thrifted РSimilar // Jeans: Gap // Shoes: Thrifted  // Necklace: Talbots // Watch: Michele // Earrings: Anthropologie РSimilar (F21)

Details to look for –> The Academy Blazer

1. The Fit
Especially for women, blazers need to fit well. Make sure the blazer tapers in nicely at the waist so that you still get that hour-glass-esque shape.
2. The Patterned Cuff
Having the extra detailing of a patterned cuff adds an interesting aspect to your outfit. You go from dull and stiff, to stylish and chic!
3. The Pockets
I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have to have pockets! Where else are you going to put the things that you confiscate from students or extra whiteboard marker pens?

*Sorry, the pictures are a little blurry today! ūüė¶