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Macklemore may be on to something here…Having a nice closet doesn’t mean you have to spend tons of money! During my days as an unemployed student, I picked up a couple of tricks on how to successfully go thrifting.

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Sweater: Free People // Top: No Brand // Skirt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Cathy Jean // Belt: DKNY // Pocket Watch: Flea Market

**Everything that I am wearing, from head to toe, was thrifted**
(except for the skirt which was a hand-me-down, which is even better!)

1. Location
Thrift stores get their inventory from the community around them. Hence, if a thrift store is located in a stylish neighborhood, you will tend to find a lot more quality items.
Case and point: I walked into the GoodWill in Santa Barbara and was able to snag an Anthropologie brand dress (100% silk) for a measly $5.

2. Brands
Know the brands that fit your body well, is good quality, and ones that may be big-names. I’m not really a designer type of girl, but I do know good labels when I see them. Use this knowledge to your advantage to snag the best steals.

3. Fabric
Good fabric = good quality = long lasting wardrobe. Go for silk, cotton, wool, linen, cashmere, nice-feeling polyester…Ditch the fabrics that look not up to par.

4. Know your Style and Body Type
Be confident in your style and the shapes that look good on your body. This will save you time and regrets when shopping. If you try something on and you are hesitant, doubtful, or trying to look like the edgy-rocker-total-opposite-of-you-chick next door, DON’T make the purchase. Trust me, no matter how much you like a different style, if it doesn’t match YOU, then it won’t work.

5. Know your Closet
Now, if you’re like me, my eyes tend to draw towards similar things. Before you even try on that shirt that caught your eye, think to yourself “Will this add to my wardrobe, or do I have this style already?” Get things that are unique. Also, it is good to know what is in your closet so that you can mix n’ match! Don’t be that girl who found this awesome, unique, great quality shirt, but then comes home to find out that she has nothing to go with it. You end up spending more money and time. Just DON’T.

6. Patience
When you walk into a thrift store, be prepared for spending time to dig through the barrel for some buried treasure. I suggest to go thrifting when you’re in the mood for it.

BTW, if you ever need a thrifting buddy, you know who to call. 🙂

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