Tough Stuff

I may look like a girly girl on the outside, but deep down I’m a tough cookie with an attitude…at least that’s what my mom says. 😛





I bet you can’t guess what that bracelet is made up of … the INNER TUBE OF A BICYCLE WHEEL.

Yes, you heard me, it’s made from a bicycle wheel. Urban Lace Jewelry thought of a way to turn trash into something absolutely gorgeous. With a variety of designs and sizes to fit your personal style, you can promote eco-friendly stylish jewelry.

{I’m wearing the Reflection in a size small}





Wearing: Gap $70

Wearing: Gap $20

Wearing: Thrifted from Crossroads
My Picks: OASAP $31 // Lulu*s $49 // Macy’s $109

Wearing: Talbots
My Pick: PiperLime $15

Reflection c/o Urban Lace

Wearing: DSW
My Pick: Deb Shops $36.90


For those who don’t believe my claim…

Ways I am more of a “Tough Cookie”
1. I have perfected the evil eye that gives my students the shiver from head to toe.
2. I’ve killed countless of cockroaches.
3. I can hold my bladder for up to 9 hours straight (I know, probably not a healthy thing)
4. I can craft for 8 hours straight while withstanding the pain of paper cuts and hot glue burns.

Have I changed your opinion? 🙂

What makes you tough?

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Puffy Love

I just bought a puffy vest without realizing that I had no idea how to style it. Like any ol’ good fashion newbie, I rushed home and Googled and Pinterested different ways to style it. Here’s what I came up with…

Style 1: Comfy

Style 2: Feminine

Style 3: Work Appropriate

>>>>>>>             and then there’s my affordable style….         <<<<<<<



Vest: Gap Outlet (hurry before it’s gone!)  //  Sweater: Talbots – Similar
Skirt: Gap – Similar  //   Boots: Ralph Lauren (a great investment!)

I found the vest at the Gap Outlet which was a total steal. The vest was surprisingly well made with great detailing. You can’t see it, but there is synching in the back which added a more feminine touch and shape to the vest.

Let’s just say that I got a lot of compliments from my students today, therefore I thought that this outfit was post-worthy.

xoxo – Alex