Pink and Orange

Hm, I’m usually not the one to wear midi skirts due to my short stature, but this one grew on me. My aunt decided that she didn’t want this anymore so I took it because I saw the potential. You agree?





Wearing: Hand-me-down
My Picks: Urban Outfitters $49  $20 // H&M $25 //

Wearing: Anthropologie
My Picks: Lulu*s $28 // Gap $50 // Anthropologie $88

Wearing: sold out c/o Lulu’s – Similar

Wearing: Ann Taylor
My Picks: Forever 21 $8 // Jewel Mint $30 //

Tips on wearing a Midi Skirt:
1. Make sure you wear it high waisted.
2. When choosing a top, make sure it still accentuates the waist by choosing a slim fitting top or even with a cropped jacket.
3. Add a belt for extra pizazz and shape.
4. Heels are necessary (especially for us height-challenged folks).
5. Should hit between the knee and mid calf, depending on your height.

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21 thoughts on “Pink and Orange

  1. Gorgeous! I love the color and the knit and I think you pull off the midi length to perfection! I have been wanting to try a midi skirt for a while and now, after seeing how cute you look, I am more determined than ever to hunt one down at the thrift stores!! 😉

  2. You look amazing in a midi skirt!! Love the color and texture. Lucky for you that your aunt gave that pretty piece up! I don’t usually wear midi skirts either, but I found a super cute one this winter and as soon as I put it on I fell in love! Yay for trying new things 🙂

  3. Such a gorgeous and unique look! So glad you took a chance with the orange midi skirt, thats two daring looks in one and you pulled it off so well!!

    Warm Wishes,
    Preeti G.

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