Suave Muave

Let’s talk about this color muave. It’s elegant, feminine, classy, and yes, very suave.










Wearing: Anthroplogie ON SALE $138.95 $39.99

Lace Blouse
Wearing: Urban Outfitters
My Picks: Forever 21 $14.80 // Macy’s $34

Wearing: Gap $69.95

c/o Lulu*s $24
{Can I just say, that I’ve been looking for these shoes for awhile? It’s been hard to find them for a reasonable price but of course, Lulu’s got them! Super cute, right? And as for comfort….not too shabby! 🙂 }

Hand-me-down: Vintage Coach
{Has anyone taken a look at the new Coach line? I’m genuinely impressed. Previously, they have always been about the “C’s” and the bright colors, but now they’re bringing back the simple, classic, but modern look. Absolutely love!}

Sometimes you want to stand out, but not be a highlighter. I say, go for the softer shades like this mauve color to make a subtle statement. Contrast the soft color against neutral pieces and watch your outfit command attention without people going “Woah, where’s the new vocabulary word?” {Yes, kind of a lame teacher joke, but hopefully you understood my intent or at least got a good laugh at my expense.}

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