New Yorker Wanna-be

Today, I wore this outfit and a student came up to me and said that I looked like I was from New York. You may or may not agree, but I’ll take it.






Trench: Thrifted –  Similar // Top: Urban – Similar // Jeans: Gap
 Shoes: Talbots – Similar

*Note: When your jacket is a little too big, roll up the sleeves, and use a costume pearl necklace around the two back buckle loops for a more tailored look. (Sorry, there’s no picture of it, but here’s an example from ConnnieTang)

So this is my first official Thrifty Thursday post! Some other bloggers graciously added me to their #ThriftStyleThursday crew. Hmm, I’m just realizing that the criteria was for the entire outfit to be thrifted. OOPS. At least I followed the thrifted coat theme. I’ll do better next time girls.

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