Red and Brown

Yes, I bought something, but luckily it’s technically something old and used, but still in the utmost prime condition! Therefore, I have yet to break my New Year’s resolution.

STORY TIME: I went into Crossroads (a thrift/consignment shop) hoping to find an outfit for this secret event that I was invited to…Oh heck, let’s be honest, I was just trying to satisfy my shopping crave! Haha. Anyways, I was about to pay for a couple of items when I saw these amazing brown boots which were exactly what I was looking for —chocolate brown, with a heel, and is versatile. Tried them on, fell in love, you know the drill. Then I discovered they were Loeffler Randall boots. I apologize ahead of time if this discredits me as a fashion blogger, but I have never heard of Loeffler Randall before. Whipped out my smart phone to see what the damage usually is and found out their boots usually costs a whopping of over $600! Well, guess what price I got them for? A mere $60. Not bad for a pair of barely used, good quality, leather boots! πŸ™‚










Wearing: J. Crew Factory
My Pick: J.Crew $35

Coat / Poncho
Wearing: Anthropologie
My Pick: Daily Look $200

Wearing: Gap $48

Wearing: Thrifted – Loeffler Randall
My Pick: Nordstrom $60

Wearing: Talbots
My Picks: Chloe and Isabel $148

28 thoughts on “Red and Brown

  1. I love Loeffler Randall! (Their Rider bag is super popular amongst fashion bloggers) Congrats on such an awesome bargain find. Just curious–which Crossroads do you usually shop at? I’ve hit the one on Fillmore in SF a few times but never seem to find anything. 😦


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