Winter White

Ah finally, a new outfit after a week and a half of craziness!

This week’s  Thrift Style Thursday theme is Winter White hence my struggling attempt to keep with the light color palette. This dress was originally attended for last year’s nautical themed family reunion, but of course I changed my mind and haven’t taken this number out since. Now seemed like a good time to! Pair it with a sweater and boots, and you’ve got a winter look!










Wearing: Thrifted
My Picks: Forever 21  $27 //  Urban Outfitters $69

Wearing: H&M
My Picks: Nordstrom $21 // H&M $34 // Daily Look $69

Wearing: Anthropologie
My Picks: Nordstrom Rack $69 // Zappos $95 //  Anthropologie $229

Wearing: Francesca’s
(This style of belt is hard to find!)

Wearing: Talbots
My Picks: H&M $15  //  JewelMint $38

Since it’s been such a while since I’ve actually written a lot on a blog post, here are some snippets of my life currently:

1. Spilled coffee on my white dress which I luckily was able to get it out before I headed off to work.

2. My students discovered my blog and jokes about my lengthy list of hashtags has become the norm.

3. I have a pile of quiz corrections to grade that I’m dreading.

4. I have a big red pimple located right in-between the eyes.

5. My students got me addicted to the game Flappy Bird (My score currently is 1. And no, it’s not one of those games where the lowest score wins.)

6. Learned that no one uses Facebook anymore, according to my students. Prove them wrong by liking my Facebook page!

Yes, I learn a lot from my students.

So, how have you all been? 🙂


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31 thoughts on “Winter White

  1. This winter white look is absolutely adorable! I love the collar of the dress peeking out over the sweater and the styling is perfection – especially those gorgeous booties!! Nailed it! 😉

  2. Oh my gosh…love this! You sure know how to put an outfit together! Those boots are so adorable and unique, too!

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