European Flare

Bonjour! This post is dedicated to the wonderful fashionistas in Europe who never fail to look classy. I was blessed to be able to visit Paris this past March and I just fell in love with the culture! So today, I decided to combine the  Thrift Style Thursday Theme of bags this week with a little European Flare.


DSC_3990 DSC_3991 DSC_3993 DSC_4004 DSC_4008 DSC_4011 DSC_4043


Coat: Anthropologie // Sweater: Gap – Similar // Jeans: Gap // Shoes: Talbots – Similar // Watch: Michele // Purse: Thrifted – Juicy Couture // Necklaces: Urban, Vintage

Outfit highlights:
THE COAT: I’ve been looking for a cream/off white coat for awhile. While I was in D.C. for Friendsgiving, we did some after Black Friday shopping and I found this beautiful more traditional/classic coat. I was about to snag it, but then I thought about my other coats, and I have plenty of nice typically-shaped coats. Therefore, I decided to get the one shown above. I figured, it’s always nice to have something that makes you feel like you should be on the runway. Right? Especially when it was an extra 20% off!

THE PURSE: Since it is Thrift Style Thursday, here is my Juicy Couture purse that I thrifted at Crossroads Trading Company. I have been looking for a nice, quality, black side satchel piece that would go with practically any outfit. Well, I lucked out and found this beauty. Usually JC stuff is a little too out there for me, with a bunch of their logos plastered all over it, but this one fit my simplistic style.

THE WATCH: Now, I’ve been on the look out for good watch for awhile. I had no idea what to look for until I talked to my fashionable-in-the-know cousins. Their tip: TWO-TONE. Get a two-toned (both gold and silver) watch and band so that it can match with every outfit no matter what. Yes, this was definitely a splurge, but so worth it! It’s functional as well as a stylish accessory! You will probably see me wear this guy every post. 🙂 I got this watch at Nordstrom Rack. Be on the look out, because these are hard to find!


Last tip of the day:

How to look European (in my humble opinion):

1. It’s all about the coat
Since it gets pretty chilly over there during the winter, the only thing that you pretty much see are their coats! I suggest always having a classic coat, but when you want to add some flare, try a new style!
2. Neutral colors are key.
Keep it classy with the neutrals.
3. Less is more.
Don’t be decked out in accessories. Keep it simple!
4. Confidence.
Just like with any outfit, confidence is key. My quote of the day:
“The outfit is the lightbulb, but confidence is the electricity.”

*Okay, probably too many different themes for one post. If you got lost in the mumbo jumbo of my writing, I deeply apologize for my rambling.

Thanks for reading!

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11 thoughts on “European Flare

  1. Love everything about this! The purse is gorgeous, and those shoes?!?!! So chic.

    🙂 Justine from

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