Like I’ve said before, I’ve created many blogs but have never been able to keep up with them. As I was re-exploring my lot of abandoned blogs, Nepal came to mind. My Jaimasi blog about my Nepal trip last year was never concluded.

>>>>>   <<<<<

It’s been over a year since my last trip to Nepal, but I remember it like yesterday.

My last day in Nepal would have to be hands down the day that God melted my heart. Bishwa surprised me in saying that I would be able to visit the school that I taught at during my very first trip to Nepal in 2011. It was quite an adventure to get there. Madi accompanied me in the taxi. We had a couple of Nepali words in our American accents  to tell the driver, who tried to as usual raise the price for foreigners. Let’s just say, we got lost (mainly due to me, ha!). But all is well, we eventually found it.

As we entered the school, we ran into some teachers that I knew from the previous year. It was bizarre. De ja vu. Like I never left. They remembered me by name and embraced me like long-time friend. I am and have always been so amazed at the culture’s hospitality and friendliness. Yes, talking to them and catching up was a little bit awkward due to language barriers, but still nonetheless awesome.

Then the bell came for recess. Let me just show you.

It was such an amazing experience (sort of like closure) to see that God uses small moments and pockets of time for His glory, even when you couldn’t see it before. I just pray that through both trips, seeds were being planted. I pray that the Lord continues to shower them with love and that they will be able to see Him, the giver of life and the Almighty.

Where does this leave me now that I am back in America? The word that continues to linger in my head is service and trust. I still can’t figure out where and how He wants me to serve, but hopefully the Lord will reveal it to me. As for trust, if you ever read my posts, you would know how worried I was about finding a job and my post-grad life. Who would have guessed that I ended up getting a job a couple of days later, had a wonderfully tough and trying year that the Lord got me through, strengthening and making new friendships, and now transitioning to another job that He has blessed me with.

God provides. God is good. God never fails.

>>>>>   <<<<<

I hope to one day return to this beautiful place. If you decide to travel here, feel free to ask me for some trip advisories!

IMG_0575   IMG_0442



xoxo – Alex

P.S. Can we just pause in amazement that this is my SECOND post? We’re on our way to consistency! Ha!

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